Investment options

The options for where and how charities could invest responsibly are growing. Responsible Investment can now take many forms including in segregated and pooled investments and in a range of asset classes. New products are emerging to meet the diverse needs of the charity sector.

This section includes an explanation of:

  • segregated mandates and pooled funds
  • types of pooled fund
  • asset classes – what they are and how they can form a responsible investment
  • responsible approaches to banking and pensions

Segregated mandates and pooled funds

Charities may need advice in deciding whether to invest through a segregated mandate or in a fund. The available options will obviously depend upon how much the charity has to invest, as well as its investment strategy and social, environmental and other ethical (SEE) criteria.

A growing number of funds incorporate SEE criteria. These include:

As the charity sector is so broad and diverse it may not always be possible to find a fund that meets the charity’s exact financial and SEE criteria. There is scope for the development of more tailored funds for charities.

A segregated mandate will enable a charity to invest according to its specific requirements (such as avoiding companies which manufacture armaments).

Investing in pooled funds or segregated mandates can enable charities to invest in a range of asset classes and diversify their portfolio.

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Asset classes

There are options for Responsible Investment in the following asset classes:

Other responsible approaches

This section also explains how charities can take a responsible approach to


This section does not provide a definitive list of Responsible Investment opportunities within each asset class and does not represent an endorsement of any of the featured products.

The featured products have been selected as examples only. The inclusion of a particular fund does not imply an endorsement of it. Moreover, the use of an example does not imply a recommendation of it over any other example or further example used or of any product not listed.


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