Step 4: Implement Responsible Investment

The implementation stage is about helping a charity to ensure the Responsible Investment policy is effectively translated into investments.

Clarifying roles and communicating policy

Implementation is often delegated to staff and fund managers. It is crucial that trustees, staff, investment committees, fund managers and advisers are clear about their roles and understand the policy and its intentions.

Selecting funds and fund managers

The charity is likely to investigate whether its current fund managers can incorporate its Responsible Investment requirements. Advisers may be able to help charities with this process.

Charities may also need the help of advisers if they decide to review the services provided by other fund managers to select the most appropriate option.

The Funds and Fund Managers section will help charities and their advisers to:

  • find information on the Responsible Investment services provided by a range of fund managers
  • find details of pooled investment funds (such as common investment funds) that incorporate Responsible Investment criteria of relevance to the charity
  • gather suggestions of the questions to ask fund managers

Fund managers should be prepared to answer questions about their Responsible Investment competencies and experience from existing or potential clients.

Once a fund manager has been selected charities need to ensure that clear instructions have been delegated and that the implementation of the policy is reviewed. Again, advisers may be able to assist with this process. Fund managers should be clear that they understand the charity’s policy and instructions.

Advisers may be able to assist a charity in setting a timetable for future reviews of the policy and its implementation, and in outlining the steps for incorporating review results.

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