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Charitysri.org was developed by the EIRIS/UKSIF Charity Project, a joint initiative between the EIRIS Foundation and UKSIF.

The EIRIS Foundation is now responsible for the maintenance and update of the site. The EIRIS Foundation continues to deliver the Charity Project, which encourages and assists charities and their trustees in the development of an ethical and socially responsible approach to their investments through education, research and the provision of resources.

The EIRIS Foundation

The EIRIS Foundation is a charity that supports ethical investment. It researches the social and ethical aspects of companies and provides other charities with information and advice to enable them to choose investments which do not conflict with their work. The Foundation funds specific projects to achieve these charitable aims. EIRIS Ltd is the Foundation’s subsidiary – it helps to deliver the charitable aims and provides information services to investors.

Visit website: www.eiris.org


UKSIF is the UK's membership network for sustainable and responsible financial services. UKSIF promotes responsible investment and other forms of finance that support sustainable economic development, enhance quality of life and safeguard the environment. It also seeks to ensure that individual and institutional investors can reflect their values in their investments.

Visit website: www.uksif.org

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Advisory Group

Charitysri.org was developed with the support and guidance of an expert advisory group. The group provided valuable assistance to the work of the EIRIS/UKSIF Charity Project and consisted of the following members:


Lee Coates
Ethical Screening

Lee Coates – DirectorEthical Screening

Graham Collins
Sustainable Funding Project Manager

Peter Davies
Investment Consultant

Alastair Hanton
EIRIS Foundation

Alastair Hanton – ChairEIRIS Foundation

Jeff Hayes
Head of Institutional and Charity Clients
Cazenove Capital Management

Jeff Hayes – Head of Institutional and Charity Clients Cazenove Capital Management logo

Stephen Hine
Head of Responsible Investment Development
Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS)

Stephen Hine – Head of International RelationsEthical Investment Research Services (EIRIS)

Mark Mansley
Strategy and Communications Manager
Rathbone Greenbank Investments

Mark Mansley –Strategy and Communications ManagerRathbone Greenbank Investments

Roger Morton
Charity Trustee and Investment Adviser

Gill Nunn
Former Director of Business Development
CFS Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Gill Nunn – Director of Business DevelopmentCFS	Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Penny Shepherd MBE
Chief Executive

Penny Shepherd MBE – (Chair of Advisory Group)	Chief Executive  UKSIF logo

Andrew Studd
Former Partner in Charity & Social Enterprise Department
Bates, Wells and Braithwaite

Andrew Studd – Partner in Charity & Social Enterprise DepartmentBates, Wells and Braithwaite

Peter Webster
Executive Director
Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS)

Peter Webster – Executive DirectorEthical Investment Research Services (EIRIS)

Neville White
Manager, Socially Responsible Investment Unit
CCLA Investment Management

Neville White CCLA logo

Work to develop the website was co-ordinated by Sam Collin.

The EIRIS Foundation Charity Project is also grateful to the following experts for their advice and guidance:

Claire Farmer, Charity Trustee Networks
Keith Hickey , Charity Finance Directors Group
Susanna Jacobson, Mercer
Ruth Murphy, Newton Investment Management
Prof. Paul palmer, Cass Business School
Susan Seymour , Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

For more information about the EIRIS Foundation
Charity Project please contact us:

Tel: 020 7840 5700
Email: charitysri@eiris.org

This website has been developed with the support of funding from the Charities Aid Foundation, Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation and EIRIS Foundation.

The work of the EIRIS Foundation charity project is kindly supported with funding from the City bridge Trust and Barrow Cadbury Trust.

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