Funds and fund managers

If the charity you support has a Responsible Investment policy it is critical that this is properly implemented.

Charities can use the services of an investment adviser or fund manager to receive advice on how they can best meet their financial, social, environmental and ethical objectives in their investments.

Charities will generally employ a fund manager to implement their investment policy. It is important that an appropriate and suitably experienced fund manager is selected and that the Responsible Investment policy is effectively communicated to the fund manager.

It should be possible to find out which advisers and fund managers a charity uses from its annual report. These are usually available from the charity's own website or from the Charity Commission and Guidestar websites.

The Database of funds and fund managers provides details of the SRI methodology employed by a range of fund managers.

You may wish to ask the charity you support how it selected its fund manager and how it ensures that its investment policy is appropriately implemented.

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