Social, environmental and ethical issues

A wide range of social, environmental and ethical issues can be incorporated into a Responsible Investment policy.

The issues to consider will depend upon the values and work of your charity. This decision may also be influenced by your areas of expertise and the views of donors, supporters, staff and experts in these areas.

The legal issues page explains why it is important to carefully consider which issues are most relevant and appropriate for your charity.The what’s right for your charity? tool may also help you to form thoughts around what these issues should be.

These issues can form the basis of positive screening, negative screening or engagement approaches – or a combination of these.

The following list provides a menu of issues that you may wish to consider. It is not an exhaustive list or a suggestion that you include all of the following in your investment decisions. As a guide, the most common issues considered by pooled investment funds include tobacco, environment, pornography, military involvement, gambling, nuclear power and human rights.

By clicking on each issue you can learn moreabout it, explore its relevence to charitiesand find out how it can be included in investments.

    Animal testing
    Intensive farming and meat sale

Corporate ethics
    Bribery and corruption
    Codes of ethics
    SEE Risk Management
    Women on the board

Developing Countries
    Commodity extraction
    Breast milk substitutes
    Access to medicines
    Tobacco marketing

    Chemicals of concern
    Climate change and greenhouse gases
    Environmental management, policy, reporting and performance
    Mining and quarrying
    Nuclear power
    Sustainable timber
    Water pollution

Genetic engineering

Human rights


    Community Involvement
    Equal Opportunities
   Health and Safety
    Relationships with customers and suppliers
   Supply chains
    Trade unions
    Training and development

Positive products and services

Other ethical issues
    Contraception and abortion
    Pornography and adult entertainment services

Faith based investing

Faith-based charities may have particular issues of concern. More information about faith-based investing can be found in the section what’s right for your charity?

Risk management

If your charity is approaching Responsible Investment from the perspective of looking to better safeguard longer term investments through managing and mitigatingof social, environmental, ethical or governance risk management, you may wish to pay particular attention to issues such as environment, human rights or corporate behaviour. You may be especially concerned about companies which have a high exposure to such areas and seek to understand how these companies will manage and mitigate the resulting risks in order to better safeguard your longer term investments

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